ART WALK 2014 , June 13 -15

artwalk2014Friends of the Nyacks is proud to announce ART WALK 2014.

This year’s theme is “A CELEBRATION OF LIFE…AND DEATH” and marks the 9th year of the event in the Village. Whatever your beliefs and experiences, we are all on an amazing journey from birth to death and should celebrate this time in its entirety.

We should live life to its fullest, look at aging as experience with wisdom to share, and embrace the final rite of passage with the best quality of life possible.

The poster this year is entitled “The 3 Gold Buttons,” by artistic photographer Sona Viola. A piece that stands on its own, the work has an incredible, (and personal) back story. “It is a celebration of those who in death brought forth life,” explains Viola. Signed and numbered posters, as well as the original, will be available at p.ross, 89 Main St, Nyack. The posters will sell for $50.

We are honored this year to have a special guest artist, Fran Smith, co-author of the book “Changing The Way We Die.” With over 76 million baby boomers starting to turn 65, this is a must read! Currently on tour throughout the United States, we are delighted that she will be part of ART WALK with scheduled book signings throughout the 3 day event at Harbor Hill on Main Street. “The ART WALK theme perfectly captures the spirit of my book. In our different ways, we are all exploring the mystery and privilege of being alive,” says Smith.

ART WALK creates an enjoyable atmosphere where stores are turned into mini art galleries with the artists in residence. Stroll up and down the streets of Nyack, view and/or purchase the works by these wonderfully talented artists. Shop in the stores, eat, drink and enjoy the beauty and richness that is the Village of Nyack.

There will be free parking all day/evening Saturday, June 14th in the big parking lot behind the Riverspace Theatre on Artopee Way thanks to the generosity of the Mayor and the Nyack Village Board.

For more information visit: call Paulette Ross @ p.ross 845-348-1767 or

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