Art Walk 2015: "10 to the 10th Power…a Decade of Art" | June 19 – 21

ART WALK 2015 posterART WALK 2015 will take place June 19th through the 21st.

The theme this year is “10 to the 10th power…a decade of art” and marks the 10th year anniversary of the event in the Village.

”Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.” Harvey Fierstein

The poster this year is entitled “Mind Unlimited.” “The swirls represent all the billions of great ideas that can bring us to the far reaches of the universe,” says the artistic photographer Eugene Lagana. His entire exhibit is a study in macro photography with a wonderfully humorous twist. Signed and numbered posters, as well as the original, will be available for $50 at p.ross 89 Main St, Nyack.

This year ART WALK features the second Flash Sketch Mob. During ART WALK 2012, artist and writer Bill Batson invited over 100 artists to Nyack to join a flash mob of visual artists. Standing every twelve paces along both sides Broadway from Cedar Hill to Second Avenue, each artist worked for two hours rendering the opposite side of the street. This year, dozens of artists of all skill levels and ages will add to this visual atlas of our community by chronicling Main Street from the Gedney Street to Franklin Ave.

Art Walk 2015 Artists, Venues and Map. Click image for larger view.

Artists will gather at Weld Realty at 4 Park Street to receive an assignment. The artwork will be exhibited in a slide show on a large screen at the end of the day at Nyack Center. Scans of each image will exist on a digital map created by Ben Falchuk. The eventual goal of the Flash Sketch Mob is to create a composite landscape portrait of our one-square mile village. To learn more visit

We are excited to offer a commemorative poster highlighting all 10 ART WALK posters-a great keepsake marking the success of our event over a decade. These posters will be available at p.ross (89 Main Street) and will sell for $15.00

ART WALK creates an enjoyable atmosphere where stores are turned into mini art galleries with the artists in residence. Stroll up and down the streets of Nyack, view and/or purchase the works by these wonderfully talented artists. Shop in the stores, eat, drink and enjoy the beauty and richness that is the Village of Nyack.

There will be free parking all day/evening Saturday, June 20th in the large parking lot behind the Riverspace Theatre on Artopee Way thanks to the generosity of the Mayor and the Nyack Village Board.

Art Walk 2015
Friday — 7pm – 9pm
Saturday — 12pm – 5pm & 6pm – 9pm
Sunday — 12pm – 5pm

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