Pied a Terre

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Pied a Terre
Business Name: Pied a Terre

…offering stylish collections of home furnishings, decor, garden, gifts, handmade jewelry, clothing, accessories, and original art. Located in beautiful Nyack on Hudson, just 17 miles north of NYC,  pied à terre is an eclectic mix of all the soft, sensual, textural, earthy, classic, yummy, aromatic, aesthetic  pleasures we should wrap ourselves, our friends, our family and our homes in, daily.  From Votivo’s Rosemary Garden Candles, ‘morning at the lake’ soap, BIG apple flour sack dishtowels, to SoulKu’s Courage-Amazonite drop necklaces, Gwen Ottinger’s hand-thrown bud vases, hand-painted marbled leather clutches, to natural fiber clothing by FLAX, trailblazing women in history trading cards, to Saundra Messinger sandblasted carved silver earrings, Jane Hollinger 14k oval gold necklaces, to woven rattan white-washed chairs to surround that family heirloom farm table passed down from generations…where new stories will be told, memories will be made, and most especially, creating a–place, space, style, look–‘where happy blooms.’

Phone: 845-358-5888
Address: 58 S. Broadway
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