Bare Minimum Goods

Bare Minimum Goods is an innovative, eco-friendly store full of household and personal care products with no/low waste and reusable/repurposable  packaging. There is even a refill station where you can fill up your own bottles with cleaning and skincare products.

Everything you need to make your home more sustainable is right here. 


It’s exciting to see what a long way the eco-friendly market has come. You no longer need to sacrifice efficacy and smell to make healthy choices for yourself and the planet. These products not only work, but smell great and are fun to use!


You won’t find any “green-washing” here. The owner, Evelyn Leong, brings a wealth of knowledge about the sustainable world and will save you the headache of trying to navigate it yourself. You can trust that everything in the store is made with safe and beneficial ingredients for you and your family. 


Evelyn’s advice, “start small.” There’s no need to do an overhaul of everything in your home in one day. However, once you visit Bare Minimum Goods, you’re going to want to!


P.S. This is a fabulous store for gifts.



68 South Broadway, Nyack
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