Nyack Parking Updates: "Free 15" and More!

The Village of Nyack has launched a new initiative to make it easier to park in the downtown business district.

A Free 15 ticket on display

Free 15 Minutes
Shoppers may now take advantage of 15 minutes of free parking in order to run quick errands and make pickups. Simply print a Free 15 at one of the many Muni Meters positioned throughout the downtown business district. There is no need to deposit any coins – simply press the green “pay now” button and a 15-minute free ticket will print out. Place this ticket on your dashboard in a location visible from outside the car. Mayor White explains “Free 15” in this video.

Long-Term Parking Passes
Monthly and one-time-use overnight parking passes are available at Village Hall for use by Nyack residents, visitors and businesses.

An overnight parking tag — scratch off the month, date and year to activate.

Monthly parking permits are available for the three long-term parking lots – Artopee Way ($60 per month), Spear Street ($20 per month), and Catherine Street ($40 per month). Permits are issued for a specific vehicle and are not transferable. Applications are available at the Parking Authority Office at Village Hall during business hours – 9:00am to 5:00pm. Contact: Debra Karten, 845-358-3851 for additional information.

Overnight parking permits are available for use in the Main Street municipal parking lot. Overnight permits cost $5.00 each for one time use (activate by scratching off the date). Overnight permits are available at Village Hall during business hours. Contact: Jim Politi, 845-358-3851.

Nyack’s parking meters remain in effect from 11:00am to 6:00pm, and 11:00pm to 6:00am, Monday through Saturday. Parking is free on Sundays from 6:00am until midnight. (Premium parking on Main Street from Franklin to Broadway is 25¢ for 15 minutes. All other parking lots and street parking are 25¢ for 20 minutes.)

For questions about the new parking regulations, contact Jim Politi at Nyack Village Hall at 845-358-3581 or by email at jamespoliti@nyack-ny.gov.

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