Spring Fling’s First Scavenger Hunt is Live!

One of our favorite Nyack Spring Fling events is the Scavenger Hunt, which went live on Sunday, March 28.  Our first Scavenger Hunt is the “Red Hunt,” so you’re going to be looking for “Red Clues,” which are red pages taped to the front of participating businesses.

We thank Orange Bank & Trust for sponsoring the Scavenger Hunt.

The Red Scavenger Hunt works like this:

1.  Search through downtown Nyack for the “Red Clues,” each of which contains short riddles that you have to answer to get to the next clue. The first riddle, for example, is “How many months have 28 days.”

2.  After you’ve solved all 12 riddles, you’ll use the 12 answers to  help you solve the final puzzle — the name of a famous Nyacker.

3.  When you solve the final puzzle, come to the Montefiore Nyack Hospitality Tent at Hezekiah Easter Veterans Park at Cedar and Main (where the gazebo is) to claim your prize, which is some (temporary!) tattoos.

The coolest part you can play the Scavenger Hunt in two ways: (1) on paper, (2) on your mobile phone.

Playing the Red Scavenger Hunt on Paper

To play the Red Scavenger Hunt on paper, you can come to the hospitality tent on Sundays and pick up everything you need, or download all the forms from this Google Folder:

  • A Directions Sheet, with your directions to the Red Clues.
  • An Answer Sheet, where you put your answers to the riddles.
  • A Cheat Sheet, with clues and mapped locations for the Clues if you can’t find them.

Advice: Parents who want see like they know all the answers might want to get the Cheat Sheet open on their phones.  

Playing the Red Scavenger Hunt on a Mobile Phone

The Red Scavenger Hunt can also be played virtually, on any mobile phone in your browser. Just go to www.nyack.link/hunt from any phone and you can start the hunt.

The mobile version is a lot of fun, and kids seem to like using the phone to get around.  (The mobile Hunt is just a Google Form incorporating the Directions, Answers, and even the Cheat Sheet.)


The Red Hunt is designed for kids, but we strongly advise parental supervision (and help with some of the clues and directions!). It should take you about an hour, and involves a total walk of about 1/2 a mile, stretching from Franklin and Main to South Broadway and Cedar Hill, with some detours along the way.

Again, we want to thank Orange Bank & Trust for sponsoring the Scavenger Hunt. 

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