Two Fun Spring Fling Scavenger Hunts

We’re delighted to announce that we have a brand new Scavenger Hunt launching today — the Spring Fling Nyack History Hunt!

So we now have TWO fun scavenger hunts you can do with your family to tour through Nyack on any day you want. You don’t have to do it on Sunday, because they run 24/7, although Sunday’s the only day you can collect your prize for finishing: Spring Fling (temporary!) tattoos and a discount code to save $5 on all Spring Fling Merchandise.

Here is what you need to know about the two Scavenger Hunts, both of which can be played on your mobile phone:

1.  The Red Riddle Hunt

Our first Scavenger Hunt is the “Red Riddle Hunt,” so you’re going to be looking for “Red Clues,” which are red pages taped to the front of participating businesses.  The Red Scavenger Hunt can also be played virtually, on any mobile phone in your browser.  Just go to from any phone and you can start the hunt. Or just click here.  The mobile version is a lot of fun, and kids always like a chance to use a parent phone!

You can also play on paper.  Just pick up the “Starter Kit” from the Montefiore Nyack Hospitality Tent at Cedar and Main on Spring Fling Sundays, or download all the forms from this Google Folder.

The “Red Riddle Hunt” should take a little more than an hour, and is about a mile-long walk.

2.   The Nyack History Hunt

The second Scavenger Hunt is the Nyack History Hunt, which is basically a search through Nyack using pictures.  We’ll show you a picture of something in Nyack, and you have to find the Location where the picture was taken.  But it’s not easy — the first picture is a real closeup, so you have to be extremely observant to recognize it.  But you’ll get 4 hints to the location, and they get easier and easier as you go along.

As you go from Location to Location (13 in all), you’ll learn a little bit about Nyack past-and-present, particularly some fun Nyack history that has been documented by the wonderful Bill Batson, Mike Hays,and Village Historian JP Schutz.

We also need to thank We Love Nyack Facebook Group Moderator Kayla Sharp, who ran a game called “Where in Nyack Am I?” on the Facebook Group for years using these pictures.  Most of the Locations are her pictures, and we’re grateful for her generosity in sharing them.

You can only play the History Hunt on your phone, by going to or clicking here.   The Hunt should take about 1.5 hours and will require about a 1.25 mile walk (unless you get really lost or stop into one of Nyack’s amazing restaurants for a rest).


The Hunts are fine for kids, but we strongly advise parental supervision (and help with some of the clues and directions!).

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