Nyack is Your Destination for Unique Jewelry

Whether you’re shopping for an engagement ring, an anniversary gift, or a brilliant new bauble for your sweetheart (or yourself!), come to Nyack to find that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry…and a personalized shopping experience like none other.

Metal and Stone Jewelers

Beverly and Seth Gopin have a combined forty years of experience in the jewelry industry. With their love and appreciation for quality, detail and workmanship, they evolved into a “metal and stone” gallery that always keeps an eye on price at a solid value.

Today, Metal and Stone is a jewelry destination. Whether you are creating a brand new piece or redesigning a piece of jewelry that you have had for years, Beverly and Sethwill expertly guide you as you explore the endless possibilities available to you at Metal and Stone Jewelers.

Visit: 12 South Broadway, Nyack 


Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery

Marie Somos grew up in a jewelry family. The talent and skills to design and create jewelry have been part of her family since 1917. Somos Designer Jewelry Gallery sells eco-friendly jewelry using recycled precious metals, ethical gems, and conflict-free diamonds. 

The Somos Designer Collection combines the art of yesterday with the fashions of today. Because they design and create the items in their gallery in Nyack, they have the flexibility of meeting all your jewelry needs–from a simple repair or alteration to a one of a kind work of art.

Somos pieces have received numerous awards. Colin Cowie, Party Planner to the Stars, and Nina Garcia, Project Runway Judge, both chose Somos pieces as Platinum Jewelry Must Haves.

Visit: 78 South Broadway, Nyack NY

Saundra Messinger Jewelry 

Saundra Messinger began designing sterling silver jewelry with diamond accents during the summer of 1999 following a successful New York singing career and many years as an executive at EILEEN FISHER. At the time, setting diamonds in silver, particularly silver with a matte finish, wasn’t just unusual–it simply wasn’t being done. That has been Saundra’s mantra her whole life–don’t do things the way everyone else does. Once the buyers took the plunge and saw their customers’ reactions, well, the rest is history. A new trend was born and Saundra’s work ended up in stores all over the world.

Now, as Saundra is in her 20th year as a jewelry designer and small business owner, she is hanging on tightly to the core values of her predominately sterling silver collection–the funky and elegant handmade designs, the use of perfectly imperfect geometric shapes, the sprinkling of tiny sparkling white diamonds, her signature shimmering matte finish, and the ever present expert workmanship. Saundra Messinger Jewelry is designed and produced in NY using recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds.

Saundra has won numerous awards for her unique designs and her work has appeared on the cover of VOGUE, and on the editorial pages of VOGUE, InSTYLE, LUCKY, ELLE,  BAZAAR and others. 

Visit: 38 High Avenue, Nyack (limited showroom hours)

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