New•ish to Nyack, The Greek•ish Opens at 8 North Broadway

In Greece, there are two ways to dine out—you can enjoy a comprehensive meal OR you can go our for meze and cocktails. The latter is the inspiration for Chef/Owner Constantine Kalandranis’s new concept at The Greek•ish, in his former 8 North Broadway location.

Meze is a collection of savory small dishes; they can be warm or cold, and can include vegetables, cheeses, dips, seafood, pita bread and more, allowing you to try a little bit of everything. Their new menu will focus on seafood, including $1 oysters from 4-6pm daily.

Their new cocktail menu revolves around Ouzo, a dry-anise-flavored aperitif, while also offering a variety of wine and beer.

The Greek•ish will be open for dinner only as well as takeout. Outdoor seating will only be available during Nyack’s Outdoor Dining & Shopping events.

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